About us

The Company S.I.C. has been in business since 1994. Our headquarters is in the city of Višnjan, Istra, Croatia. It was founded by two families and has started its current activity in wholesale and retail sale of fresh and frozen fish in the location Vabriga. Tradition and years in business have developed into a stable, respectable company with over 100 employees.
The company acquired its first facility for storage and handling of fresh and frozen fish in 1998.
The next phase of development followed in 2001 when the company expanded its business by adapting and equipping a facility for processing and transport in the industrial zone Poreč. This year marks the start of processing of small pelagic fish (sardines, anchovies). Shortly after SIC branched out its production into other lines of products such as frozen sardines (pelagic fish) in block, IQF, marinated anchovy fillets and others.
In 2006 S.I.C. set up a depuration centre for conditioning, storage and handling of live mussels in Santa Marina, near Vabriga. The existing retail sale activity has expanded with the opening of two fish markets, the first one in Tar and the second in Vabriga.
During 2012 SIC began with the construction of a 6000 m2 business complex with the perspective to multiply its production capacity by introducing new products and technologies. This investment has helped S.I.C. to consolidate all its activities at one location.
In early 2014 S.I.C. relocated and started its activity in the new facility in Višnjan, which includes production, processing and trade of fish, as well as purification and dispatch of live mussels.


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