Fish processing

Company SIC specializes in import, export, processing and distribution of fresh and frozen fish and seafood.
Our storage capacity is 1500 tons of frozen fish and 60 tons of fresh fish. We are equipped with the latest technology in order to ensure freshness of the raw material and the superior quality of the products.
Processing, handling and packaging of fish's specialties and seafood are conducted in the production facilities.
Storage, production and processing of fish is under the direct supervision of our experts to ensure all of the European health and ecological standards in the food industry are met.
We have several certificates and HACCP approved facilities.
With a modern refrigerated transport system, under strictly controlled conditions, we deliver the goods to fish markets, restaurants and our customers.
Finest quality, high sanitary and ecological standards and fast delivery service are the milestones of our business. By continuously improving, innovating and investing into new technologies, competence and expertise of our employees as well as good distribution network, we strive towards our vision of becoming the regional leader in fish processing and a well-known participant of the European market with the final goal to  produce healthy and delicious seafood for the benefit of all customers and consumers.


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